About Us

Marketing is viewed by what lies on the surface. People see the glossy brochures and promotional items and think that is what marketing is all about. True marketing runs much deeper; this is especially true of technology marketing where product development and customer issues complicate the process. Our goal here at Gane Audiences is simple; provide technology marketing services and tools so you can focus on your core strengths. Our mission is:

To leverage our experience in technology marketing and our strategic partnerships to provide quality services that create value for our customers.

Our management has spent many years sitting on your side of the desk. We have introduced successful software and hardware products. We have managed successful product launches and sales promotions. We have organized successful trade and road shows. Our understanding of your job makes us know exactly what you expect from an outside marketing agency.

A key part of our mission is to create VALUE for your company. There are many firms that can perform creative or communications service. Since we are all business people first, we understand that your only real need is increased revenues and profitability. Our combination of sales, marketing and technology skills allow us to bridge these three arenas as no other firm can. As you work with us, we will target markets, develop sales tools and create communications programs that bring in qualified leads that will be developed into concrete customers.