5 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

5 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Getting more traffic seems to be a dream for every website owner and they seem to be on this hunt, attracting more people 90% of the time. The good news for all those folks wishing to have more traffic on their new blog or website is that they can drive more traffic by adopting few off-page SEO strategies mentioned in this post by Gareth Bull, who consults on local SEO in London for SME’s and large brands.

Create Variety of Content:

This digital age has given us many different options to engage and get ourselves entertained through internet. But many people rely on one type of content creation when they can turn to other types of content creation.

For instance, if you’re a blogger and write on health niche then you might be producing quality articles based on health which is absolutely right. But why don’t you try making videos about those topics or those relevant to that topic? Or you may even try creating infographics quite often with publishing articles as well.

Another approach is to publish a podcast that is also very popular these days. Whatever approach you go with just remember people love variety of content along with quality factor in it. So try that in order to attract more visitors towards your website.

Try Guest Blogging:

In SEO world, guest blogging is considered as passive source of getting more traffic. This is very useful way to attract more people from authority blogs or websites in your related niche and share benefits by working with like minded people. The mechanism of guest blogging is simple enough to implement for getting traffic. You find related blogs or websites having authority and lots of readership that you need. Then ask the owner to publish your post on that website. This way you both will get something out of this endeavor. The guy gets content for his website and you a chance to attract people that aren’t familiar with you but going to be your future reader.

Build Quality Links:

Another way of getting more traffic is by creating quality links that would actually benefit you and give you visitors back to your website. Find related websites or posts where you could contribute your thoughts or opinion and leave a link back to your website If your suggestion or opinion proves to be beneficial for some people then they would definitely come back to you to hear more from you.

Utilise Social Platforms:

Today, social platforms are playing a game changing role in SEO world so you should act wisely by using them in your favor. Build your credibility through social profiles and drive traffic back to your website by engaging with people that are interested in what you’ve to say through your posts and articles published on your website.

Comment On News Articles:

Another way to drive more traffic back to your website is by commenting on authority posts. You may try giving your opinion on news articles because people love to read about current topics and news articles serve best for this purpose. You may give suggestion on fixing a major issue or state your opinion by leaving your comment and get a nice amount of visitors back to your website.